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Phone 954-854-2361
Fax 754-321-7621
Services available Series or Residency


Description of Services

Visual Art Instruction for Students with Disabilities
Bernadette Conway offers a series of student workshops and provides therapeutic art activities for students with disabilities. Ms. Conway provides student participants (ages 3-22 years of age) with art activities and materials to assist them in developing cognitive, social-emotional, and fine motor skills while allowing for creative self-expression.

The educational goal is to provide the tools and skills necessary for artistic expression to students with disabilities. Students are provided a variety of quality art materials and a certified School Board of Broward County teacher, who is familiar with the varying needs of exceptional students, and lesson plans focused on encouraging as much independence and choice in artistic expression as possible. At times, students who are more physically or behaviorally involved, are given one on one training with the teacher to facilitate completion of objectives. Prompting, partial participation and peer assistance are also utilized to encourage interaction and independence.  

Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Min. 1-5 - Max. 20


Depends on individual student needs


Creole, Spanish; Intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder, physically impaired; Juvenile Justice, at risk, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


VA.A.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.A.1.3, VA.A.1.4, VA.B.1.1, VA.B.1.2, VA.C.1.1, VA.C.1.3, VA.D.1.1, VA.E.1.1




Visual Arts

Contact: Phone:        954-854-2361
Fax:           754-321-7621


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