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Services Available: Single Student Workshop, Single Performance, Series or Residency


Description of Services

Children’s Art Drawing Classes  
Children spend 45 to 60 minutes focused on one project! Creative Minds Arts method has them sequentially place shapes, lines and a variety of details to create their drawings. The use of these analytical skills, perceptual skills and creativity is whole-brained learning at its best.

Educational goals:  The Creative Minds Arts method is comprised of several essential elements. The development of the unique Creative Minds Arts curriculum and the critical components of Creative Minds classroom will lead you to a more thorough understanding of how and why teaching the Creative Minds Arts method brings great results to children of all ages.

Problem Solving, Visualization and Order Sequencing  As we learn to draw the fundamentals of art, we look at our subject and learn to see its basic shapes. When we draw, we work from larger shapes to smaller details. The child recognizes and names the basic shapes in different household objects

Coloring and Attention to Detail  We teach children a professional coloring technique. Your child may have used markers before, but not in this manner, and not with these results. These careful coloring skills will benefit many areas of their fine motor development.

Self Esteem and Positive Reinforcement  The child is nurtured and encouraged in a non-competitive environment. We honor them for the process, as well as the final product.

Methods use:  Step-by-step curriculum sequential order process, we place shapes, lines and a variety of details to create the basic fundamental drawing. In the process, we tap into the power to draw out the best in every child, replacing self-doubt with self-esteem, indifference with focus, inhibition with imagination. We teach is a language that children can understand classes deepen children's appreciation for art, and expose them to various images, vocabularies and cultures, that expand their imagination.

Indicator of progress:  Throughout the process we validate the positive effect that art has on young learners ranging from increased math and reading scores, to improvements in general cognitive abilities and social development.

Assessment methods:  Our program is process based not product based. You will understand the processes behind the Creative Minds Arts method, as well as the academic and social benefits, and the impact on children's abilities in art, the larger mission of bringing this kind of art experience to young children across the nations comes sharply into focus. The evaluation results as you can see are the benefits of developing fine motor skills through guided observation, information and drawing are obvious. The twenty minutes of instruction have has a dramatic impact. Participating in the Creative Minds Arts drawing process is an important way for children to express stories builds their visual awareness, as well as their verbal and visual vocabulary and finally their own creativity with color techniques. 


Grade Level:

Pre K - 8th Grade

Number of Participants:

Min. 12 - Max. 30


1-8 workshops 45 minutes per workshops


English and Spanish; table and chairs; juvenile justice, at risk, shelter based, community-based, school-based, public housing, afterschool, summer programs.


All math and social studies standards at K-5 level, all K-8 visual arts standards.


$200 flat fee (max 20 children) / $8 per participant ($5.00 per child with attendance above 50 children)


Visual arts

Contact: Phone:         305-205-2199


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