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Services Available: Single Performance


Description of Services

Polynesian Arts in Education / Voyage of Discovery Performances / People of the Pacific Performances
These are custom designed long and short residency programs. Workshops may focus on one or a combination of subjects. Class activities focus on core curriculum subjects, such as geography, math, history, storytelling, language arts, music, dance, drama with South Pacific content material. As well as our Voyage of Discovery / People of the Pacific performances.

Drums of Polynesia’s educational goals are to target Sunshine stated standards through the many different ways we merge our culture into the standards. Language Arts, Social Studies, Mathematics, Arts, Music, Theater, History.

Students and teachers will understand some of the following examples below:

  • Where and what is Polynesia?
  • Who are the Polynesians?
  • Understanding the people and the culture.
  • Comparing differences between America and Polynesia.
  • Experience Polynesia.
  • Reasons of the similar living ways and education.
  • Polynesians distinctive features and looks differences.

Drums of Polynesia's methods to achieve educational goals include observation, interaction, body language, teacher observation, enthusiasm, vocal audience response. Session discussions with students. Our Study guide filled with information for pre arrival classroom/performance activities, during class room/performance session activities, and after classroom/performance session activities completely achieve the goals we target on each and every subject identified and requested by school and or teachers.

Common indicators of progress are students expressing themselves successfully during audience participation and question and answer period. Students should use communication skills effectively. Observing progress with minimum supervision at times. To see if instructions from session can be applied.

Drums of Polynesia’s assessment methods have created a serious of open questions and evaluation fact sheet for teachers to critique on our sessions. Also using the highly engaged class room discussions during sessions. Generated by open questions and observation.


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Min. 5 - Max. 20


1+ workshops at 1 hour per workshop over 3 days to 12 months (varies)


Seniors, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


LA.A.1.1, LA.A.1.2, LA.A.1.3, LA.A.2.1, LA.A.2.2, LA.A.2.3, LA.B.1.1, LA.B.1.2, LA.B.1.3, MA.A.1.1, MA.A.1.2, MA.A.1.3, MA.A.2.1, MA.A.2.2, MA.A.2.3, MA.A.3.1, MA.A.3.2, MA.A.3.3, MA.C.3.1, MA.C.3.2, MA.D.1.1, MA.D.1.2, MA.D.2.1, MA.D.2.2, SS.A.1.1, SS.A.1.2, SS.A.1.3, SS.A.2.1, SS.A.2.2, SS.A.2.3, SS.A.3.1, SS.A.3.2, SS.A.3.3, SS.A.4.1, SS.A.4.2, SS.A.4.3, SS.D.2.2, SS.D.2.3, FL.A.1.1, FL.A.1.2, FL.A.1.3, FL.A.2.1, FL.A.2.2, FL.A.2.3, DA.A.1.1, DA.A.1.2, DA.A.1.3, DA.A.1.4, DA.A.2.1, DA.A.2.2, DA.A.2.3, DA.A.2.4, DA.B.1.1, DA.B.1.2, DA.B.1.3, DA.B.1.4, DA.C.1.1, DA.C.1.2, DA.C.1.3, DA.C.1.4, MU.A.1.1, MU.A.1.2, MU.A.1.3, MU.A.1.4, MU.A.2.1, MU.A.2.2, MU.A.2.3, MU.A.2.4, MU.A.3.1, MU.A.3.2, MU.A.3.3, MU.A.3.4, MU.B.1.1, MU.B.1.2, MU.B.1.3, MU.B.1.4, TH.A.1.1, TH.A.1.2, TH.A.1.3, TH.A.1.4, TH.A.2.1, TH.A.2.2, TH.A.2.3, TH.A.2.4, TH.A.3.1, TH.A.3.2, TH.A.3.3, TH.A.3.4, TH.B.1.1, TH.B.1.2, TH.B.1.3, TH.B.1.4, VA.A.1.1, VA.A.1.2, VA.A.1.2, VA.A.1.3, VA.A.1.4, VA.B.1.1, VA.B.1.2, VA.B.1.2, VA.B.1.3, VA.B.1.4, VA.C.1.1, VA.C.1.2, VA.C.1.2, VA.C.1.3, VA.C.1.4, PE.A.1.1, PE.A.1.2, PE.A.1.3, PE.A.1.4, PE.A.2.1, PE.A.2.2, PE.A.2.3, PE.A.2.4, PE.A.3.1, PE.A.3.2, PE.A.3.3, PE.A.3.4


Flat fee of $600+ / $200 per hour. CSC: $200 per artist per hour.


Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Theatre

Contact: Phone:         954-351-5069
Email:          rjrewi@drumsofpolynesia.com 


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