Gadson, George


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Services Available: Series/Residency


Description of Services

A series of art projects will allow participants to develop skills through the visual arts. This art experience will provide an awareness and self-discovery of creative abilities and potentials, while providing cultural knowledge through tangible activities and visual objects. Students will know the “How To’s” of creating art and will have visual aids to connect with the concepts being taught.

The aim is for students to:

  • be able to understand the process
  • become familiar with a different art media for creating three dimensional works
  • understand that public works of art can convey an idea or feeling
  • make the connection between the art and their world and others

Instructor will:

  • demonstrate proper use of tools
  • explain and demonstrate the various techniques for creating art
  • show examples of different types of art
  • assist students in creating their own work of art

Students should be able to:

  • demonstrate proper use of tools as they use them
  • create work that communicates an idea
  • display individuality through form, color and design
  • explain the process in creating their art

To assess the students, the instructor and/or staff will:

  • observe students’ use of materials
  • critique and coach students
  • solicit and record verbal comments
  • take pictures of students with their art work


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:



8 workshops at 2 hours per workshop


At risk, seniors, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


VA.A.1.3, VA.B.1.3, VA.C.1.3, VA.D.1.3, VA.E.1.3, VA.A.1.4, VA.B.1.4, VA.C.1.4, VA.D.1.4, VA.E.1.4




Visual Arts

Contact: Phone:         954-822-5425
Fax:             954-369-4692