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Services Available: Single Teacher Workshop, Series or Residency


Description of Services

The Melody Makers Chorus
An exciting and fun chorus where students learn to sing in a group and solo setting. Students learn vocal technique, music theory and terms, and proper breathing and posture. The workshop ends with a performance for family and friends.

The educational goals of the Melody Makers Chorus is to teach students to sing in tune, expose students to various styles of music, sing in a group and alone and improvise various melodic and rhythmic patterns.

My goal is to effectively communicate to the student, ideas, concepts and theoretic practices that will help them successfully complete their individual goals. Students will need to work together as a group to sound as "one voice" in a chorus with many members. These skills will enable them in the future to work together as a group and to communicate to one another effectively.

The methods I will use to achieve the educational goals are:

  • Engage students in the learning process by asking higher and lower order questions
  • Cooperative groups
  • Highlight vocabulary
  • Whole class presentation

The indicators of progress that I will implement are:

  • Demonstration of skills
  • Question and answer
  • Homework and practice

I will ask the students to demonstrate the skill and/or concept for which I taught. Additionally, I will provide worksheets, homework and quizzes as a traditional assessment method.


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:

Min. 25-30 - Max. 40


10-12 classes at 1 hour per class over 6-8 weeks


English, Spanish; Autistic, Learning Disabled, Blind, ADD, ADHD, Physically and Emotionally Disabled; Juvenile Justice, at risk, seniors, shelter based, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


MU.B.2.1., MU.A.2.2., MA.A.1.1


$200 per performance.



Contact: Phone:         754-244-9513 
Email:          Melostar2000@yahoo.com