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Association of the Performing Arts of India
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Contact Info  
Phone 954-855-1466
Fax 954-855-1466
Services available Single Teacher Workshop, Performance

Description of Services

Bharat Natyam (dance) and Mathematics
An ancient traditional art form with its origins steeped in divinity, Bharata Natyam reflects the culture of India at its best. The dance originated 5000 years ago and comprises of several arts like sculpture, painting, theatre, literature, music, dramaturgy, and poetry.

The dance itself is divided into two categories, which are the pure dance 'NRTIA' and the expressional dance 'NRITYA'. In the pure dance abstract patterns are woven to complex rhythmic pattern played by the drummer. The dancer and drummer synchronize and create geometrical patterns with precision as the vocalist sings to a separate time measure yet all performers almost seeming to be at their own different time measures conclude simultaneously.

The dance is the art of iconography comes to life as one witnesses in the hands of a proficient performer the limitless dimensions of this highly venerated art form. The dance is flourishing in its country of origin and has a large following amongst those initiated to its intricacies and cultural concepts.

Performers have become virtual cultural ambassadors of India representing its cultural heritage at its best. 

  • Where is India located on the world map? Provide information about the history, culture, music, dance and languages of India.
  • India, the world's largest democratic country, has a growing presence in technology and business and an increasing role in international life today.
  • Expose non-Indian and Indian students to the traditional art form of Bharat Natyam, a rich and ancient style of dance.
  • How does the movement and hand gestures of Bharat-Natyam relate to mathematics?
  • Expose Indian Culture to non-Indian students so it will increase their understanding of Indian students who do live in traditional homes and may have differences in dress and life choices that non-Indian children might otherwise find exotic.
  • Students will receive a 2 page hand out on the history, geography and languages of India. It will also include maps, flag, drawings of male and female dress, information on music and dance with illustrations of instruments and dance costume.
  • Attendance records and post tests will be used. Post tests will be distributed to teachers and asked to share the results with APAI upon completion.
  • Can students locate India on the world map or not?
  • Can students write a short paper on India and its culture? Grade the paper.
  • Can students identify different musical instruments and dance styles from the pictures?
  • The dancer can test whether the students can identify the correct angel or not by showing different dance gestures -Mark the answers and grade them.
  • Pre-Test vs Post Test
  • Suveys
  • Attendance Record


Grade Level:


Number of Participants:



1 workshop at 45 minutes per workshop


English, Hindi, Gujarati, Spanish; physically handicapped; Seniors, community-based, school-based, afterschool, summer.


LA.A.1.2, LA.C.1.2, LA.C.2.2, MA.A.3.2, MA.C.1.2, MA.C.2.2, SS.A.1.2, SS.B.1.2, SS.B.2.2, DA.A.1.2, DA.B.1.2, DA.C.1.2, MU.C.1.2, MU.D.1.2, MU.E.1.2


Negotiable per performance / workshop (plus $10 per participant over maximum)


Dance, Music

Contact: Phone:        954-855-1466


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