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Contact Name Julia Perlowski
Phone 561-699-7658
Services Available Student Workshop, Teacher Workshop


Description of Services

Teaching Shakespeare - Let Us Count the Ways: Accessible, performance-based techniques to tackle the early modern English text of the Bard’s work in the ELA and drama classrooms.

In this session participants engage in a number of activities that enable them to quickly get to the heart of Shakespeare’s language. This is a three-tiered, scaffolded workshop in which participants will play with text in line volleys, unison readings and sentence re-arrangement, move towards deeper analysis of text through performance by writing and enacting dumbshows, extracting “found poems” from pro- and monologues and end with theatrical considerations such as physicalizing words and staging small scenes.  All of the techniques need no other prerequisites than a commitment to participate.

Ultimately, students engage actively in the most complex of texts satisfying many of the requirements of the new common core standards for reading (literary text), writing, listening and speaking and language.


Methods used to achieve educational goals: Kinesthetic, collaborative games, Unison and individual readings, Think-Pair-Share groups, theatre games, writing, directing, performing, speaking and listening.


Indicators of progress: Fluidity of physical memorization. Comprehensibility of the written dumb shows as evinced by the execution of it by actors who are hearing it for the first time.  Comprehensibility of directed scenes as evinced by peer understanding.

Assessment methods:
Teacher: Follow-up activity based on lesson plan methods with reflection. Also, see below.

Students: Performance tasks: Physical memorization, Insults, Line couplets, To Whom Are You Speaking, Scene direction and performance


Written assignments: Insult formation: students are asked to create and parse the meaning of a number of insults from lists of Shakespearean insults, The dumb show: Students are asked to convert a reported event from one of Shakespeare’s plays into a 3rd person narrative.

Grade Level:

6th-12th, adult, senior, teachers (professional development)

Number of Participants:

Min. 15 – Max. 30


May be tailored; full-day, half-day




Common Core ELA Standards for Reading: Literary Text 9-10: RL.9-10.1, RL.9-10.3, RL.9-10.9

Common Core ELA Standards for Reading: Literary Text 11-12: RL.11-12.7

Critical Thinking and Reflection: TH.912.C.1.5, TH.912.C.2.1, TH.912.H.2.2


Full-day: $1,500 / Half-day: $750



Contact: Phone:  561-699-7658


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