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Name: Asher Rost

Phone: 754-333-0352



Services Available:  Workshop


Service Name: Running with Hip Hop Education

Applying Hip Hop music to teach fitness, dance, and composing Rap lyrics.

This program teaches students how to write a 16 bar verse, adding their own unique experiences as well as their everyday influences. Within the program, students will not only learn current Hip Hop choreography but they will be introduced to classic Hip Hop dances. Students will obtain in depth knowledge about important pioneers, significant dates, and trends in Hip Hop history. Students will be coached in writing Hip Hop lyrics including how to create “flow” through the proper use of syllables. To cultivate this skill, students will learn how to recite lyrics simultaneously with the beat provided by instructors. They will also be educated in how the Hip Hop movement has influenced and transformed pop culture from past till present day.

During the physical activity portion, the dance instructor will teach students how to count the number of steps per beat through movement games and activities.  In addition, the students will develop fluidity, precision, and stage presence while performing Hip Hop choreography with their peers.

Educational Goals of Service:

      Foster creativity and positive body image through cooperative group activities

      Learn to express oneself through dance performances and Free-style lyrics

      Develop stage presence, fluidity of movement, coordination, and endurance

      Learn basic techniques of Hip Hop Dance (Beginner to Intermediate)


Methods Used to Achieve Educational Goals:


      Multimedia - video and music

      Teamwork activities related to learned content

      Workshops on writing Rap lyrics

      Student Forums

      Dance and Rap performances

Indicators of Progress:

      Maintaining stage presence throughout length of performance

      Expansion of vocabulary for lyric writing purposes

      Rhyming about relatable topics

      Memorization of Hip Hop rhymes

      In-depth knowledge of Hip Hop history and culture

      Effective story-telling in a performance piece


Assessment Methods:

      Rubric for Free-style lyric writing

      Oral quiz on Hip Hop history

      Dance performance Evaluation

      Pre/post program questionnaire

      Peer feedback form on performances



Grade Level:  Pre-K through 8th Grade

Number of Participants: 10 (min) – 25 (max)

Duration: 8 classes for 1 hour over an 8 week span

Audience/Environment:  Community-Based; School-Based; Afterschool Programs; Out of School Camps

Language Arts: LAFS.2.W.1.2, LAFS.2.SL.2.4, LAFS.68.RST.2.4, LAFS.68.RST.3.7

Dance:  DA.K.C.1.2, DA.1.C.1.1, DA.1.S.3, DA.2.C.1.2, DA.3.C.1.2, DA.4.C.1.2 DA.5.C.1.3, DA.68.C.1.2

Music:   MU.K.C.2, MU.K.F.1, MU.K.S.2, MU.1.H.2, MU.1.S.1, MU.3.O.2, MU.3.F.1, MU.68.H.2

Physical Education:   PE.K.L.3, PE.1.M.1.10, PE.2.M.1.1, PE.3.M.1.10, PE.4.R.5.2, PE.5.M.1.10, PE.5.C.2.1, PE.6.M.1.10


Disciplines: Dance; Music

Additional Information:
ESOL: Classes may be translated in Spanish upon request
Special Needs: Open to the possibility


Fees: $12 per class (Flat fee w/o Supplies)
$14 per class (Flat fee w/ Supplies)
$96 (Flat fee for the program)