Leistner, Dr. Timothy


Phone:        954-554-3153
Email:         artistseyeinc@yahoo.com
Web:          www.timothyleistner.com

Services Available:  Series or residency


Description of Services

Artistic Exploration with Dr. Timothy Leistner 
Timothy Leistner, Ed.D, artist and educator provides fun and educational art exploration programs for both student and adult populations. Using both art and literature as a springboard for creating, Dr. Leistner provides participants with activities and ideas which tap into their personal creative side and allows for creative self expression. A variety of activities and materials make his hands on workshops fun and educational.

Educational goals:

  • Learning and development of art skills
  • Completion of art activities
  • Individual and personalized art exploration
  • Social and emotional growth
  • Cognitive growth
  • Enjoyment
  • Enrichment of art for art's sake

Methods used:

  • Lecture
  • Visual Demonstrations
  • Discussion
  • Stories and use of literature as a base or springboard
  • Hands-on art activities
  • Alignment with the Sunshine State Standards
  • Integration of varied subject learning areas
  • Development of art skills
  • Introduction
  • Practice
  • Assistance when needed
  • Hand over hand method for special needs
  • Adaptive tools and devices used.

Indicators of progress:

  • Completion of projects and/or products
  • Meeting objectives of the program's plans
  • Enjoyment and personal gratification of participants

Assessment methods:

  • Observation and systematic observation
  • Completion of projects and/or product evaluation
  • Informal critique
  • Timothy Leistner and Artist's Eye, Inc. developed and utilizes our own presentation evaluation forms which are given to the site administrator to provide feedback regarding the program.


Grade Level:

Pre-K - 12th

Number of Participants:

Max. 25


1+ workshops at  2 hours per workshop over 1+ weeks


English (staff has ESOL training); All children and all ages, typical and/or physically, emotionally, or mentally handicapped. Dr. Leistner has worked with children and adult populations with varying handicapping conditions including speech and language delays, Cerebral Palsy, autism, physically handicapped, and other needs; Juvenile Justice, at risk, seniors, shelter based, community-based, school-based, public housing, afterschool, summer.


LA.A.1.1, LA.A.1.2, LA.A.1.3, LA.A.1.4, LA.A.2.1, LA.A.2.2, LA.A.2.3, LA.A.2.4, LA.B.1.1, LA.B.1.2, LA.B.1.3, LA.B.1.4, LA.B.2.1, LA.B.2.2, LA.B.2.3, LA.B.2.4, LA.C.1.1, LA.C.1.2, LA.C.2.1, LA.C.2.2, SC.B.1.2, SC.G.2.2, SS.B.1.1, All visual arts standards


$50-250 depending on service and program.


Visual Arts

Contact: Phone:        954-554-3153
Web:          www.timothyleistner.com


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