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Creative Life Journeys: Mapping Self By Means of Creative Expression
Motivation to creatively express one's self comes from a personal need and made more intriguing by using a variety of tools and materials. Inspiration can come from anything and anywhere and is an individual experience. Creative Life Journeys is all about introducing a variety of materials that becomes the foundation for personal creative expression which may allow the creative participant find meaning in their own personal story. Creative theory in color, design, and basic drawing is the learning foundation upon which we build creative expressive skills.

  • Develop awareness of tactile texture, visual texture and pattern.
  • Develop awareness of harmony of various material applications.
  • Develop skills of visual understanding of pleasing creative aesthetics.
  • Empower observation skills through various drawing and painting practices.
  • Gain dexterity and confidence in drawing what one sees.
  • Knowledge of combining image with text.
  • Implementation of design color and aesthetic theory while creating a print.
  • Working as a team on a group project.
  • Understanding of diversified materials.
  • Teacher demonstration with materials.
  • Participant hands-on work with material.
  • Individual and group critique at end of class.
  • Introduce cultural/historic references pertinent to focus material.
  • Introduction to artists who work in mixed media who have challenged and broken through the accepted genre of the time.
  • Students desire to push the creative limits with a variety of diversified materials.
  • Students willing to push through their previous success to find new levels of creative achievement.
  • Communication between students relating to creative work.
  • Harmonized teamwork on projects when necessary.
  • Desire to draw and paint.
  • Concentration and discipline to task at hand.
  • Interest in going to next level.
  • Understanding of aesthetics of finished piece.
  • Communication with peers and others about work.
  • Desire to investigate new materials with which to create.
  • Interest in going to the next level.

An awareness of tactile varieties, categorizing, sorting, harmonizing varieties, indentifying alternative creative options for the next body of work.

Understanding through verbalization of meaning of work.

Grade Level:


Number of Participants:



12 workshops at 2 hours per workshop in six weeks per topic


Juvenile Justice, at risk, seniors, shelter-based, community-based, school-based, public housing, afterschool, summer.


VA.A.1.4, VA.B.1.4, VA.C.1.4, VA.D.1.4, VA.E.1.4


$75 per hour plus materials ($50 per participant).


Visual Arts


Phone:        954-654-1338; 954-942-2953