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Phone 954-607-8555
Services available

Description of Services

“..and the Rhythm of Life is a powerful beat, puts a tingle in your fingers and a tingle in your feet.
To feel the Rhythm of Life, to feel the powerful beat,
To feel the tingle in your fingers, to feel the tingle in your feet …”

Picture the scene: a student claps a rhythm and sings the accompanying rhyme. Now what? Next comes the delight of developing that into a play using story, scene, character, set, costume, props and make-up. Add music, song, instruments, and viola…Musical Theater !

Musical Theater requires active input rather than just passive response. It presents a forum for young people to “release” in a safe and healthy environment. Students can enjoy creating anything from a single scene to a whole presentation from start to finish, while learning all the elements necessary for individual and team effort. At the same time, they learn to forge a bond between studies and the world in which they live.

The Goal
The Rhythm of Life programs and workshops guide students, via Music, Drama and Dance, through the A-Z of building a performance, linking curricular studies along the way. Students study Music, Theater, Instrumentation, Dance, Costume, Make-up, and Visual Arts. Curricular links include Language Arts/Foreign Languages, Social Studies, and Health Education.

The programs are suitable for all students, including those with Special Needs.

The Method

Early Childhood
Students have musical and dramatic fun using imagery and role-play
Topics covered: Literacy, Numeracy, Colors, Shapes, Nature, Birth, identity, family, emotions, self-esteem, diversity

Grades 1-5
Age-appropriate musical and dramatic fun, addressing Literacy and Numeracy plus historical, social and economic issues.

Grades 6-12
More advanced musical and dramatic fun, with the addition of Geography, Law, Politics and Philosophy to the list of topics.
Hazel Phillips was born and raised in England, and was educated in Voice, Opera and Piano at the Royal Academy of Music, London. She studied roles at the Royal Opera House, Covent Garden, London. Dance and movement studies include: Mime, Alexander Method of stage movement, Ballet, Jazz, Latin and Ballroom.

She has enjoyed an extensive career as a professional performer in Opera, Musical Theater, Musical Comedy and in Cabaret, both in the USA and abroad. She truly loves her work as a Teaching Artist, which started in the UK and continues in the USA.

Teaching: Voice Teacher, Vocal Coach, Teacher of Opera and Musical Theater, Drama Teacher

Special Needs: Hazel has worked with children and adults in Music and Drama Therapy, with organizations such as United Cerebral Palsy, Memorial Healthcare, Smith Institute, Broward Children’s Center, YMCA, Art Serve.

Challenges include: Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Down’s Syndrome, Alzheimer’s, developmental delays, language and cognitive delays, learning disorders, emotional and behavioral disorders.

Grade Level:

PK - Grade 12

Number of Participants:

Max 25 (can not be divided into groups)


School, After-school, Summer camp, Juvenile Justice, At Risk,  Community-based, Shelter-based


1+ workshops at 2 hours per workshop from 1 week to a series of weeks.  Series and residencies are available.


MU.K.C.1.2, MU.K.C.1.4, MU.K.C.2.1, MU.K.C.3.1, MU.K.F.1.1, MU1.F.1.1, MU.1.F.2.1, MU., MU.2.F.1.1, MU.1.H.2.1, MU.2.F.3.1, MU., MU.3.C.1.4, MU.4.C.2.1, MU.4.C.2.2, MU4.F.3.1, MU.4.H.1.2, MU., MU.4.C.2.2,MU.4.F.3.1,
MU.5.H.2.1, MU68.C.1.1, MU68.C.2.1, MU68.F.1.2, MU68.F.3.1, MU68.0.3.2, MU68.S.2.1, MU68.S.3.2, MU912.C.3.1, MU912.F.3.3, MU912.F.3.1, MU912H.2.3, MU912.H.3.2, MU912.S.3.1
TH.K.C.1.1, TH.K.F.1.1,TH.K.S.2.1, TH.K.S.3.2, TH.K.S.3.3, TH.1.F.3.1, TH1.S.1.1, TH.1.S.1.2, TH.1.S.3.1, TH.2.F.2.1, TH., TH.3.C.1.1,
TH.3.C.2.1, TH.3.F.1.2,TH.3.H.1.2, TH.4.C.1.2, TH.4.C.2.1, TH.5.C.2.1, TH.5.H.1.2, TH.5.H.2.1, TH.,TH.5.S.1.3, TH.68C.1.2, TH.68.C.1.3
TH.68.H.2.2, TH.68.H.3.5, TH.68.H.3.6, TH., TH.68.S.2.1, TH.912.H.1.1, TH.912.H.1.3, TH.912.S.2.8, TH.912.S.3.3
SS.K.A.2.1, SS.K.A.2.4, SS.1.C.2.4, SS.2.A.2.5, SS.2.C.1.2, SS.2.C.3.2, SS.6.E.3.2, SS.8.A.1.7
WL.K12.AH.2.4, WL.K12.AH.6.1, WL.K12.AH.6.4, WL.K12.AH.8.2, WL.K12.AL.3.7,
WL.K12.AL.6.4, WL.K12.AM.1.2


$100 +    depending on length and number of workshops


Music, Theater, Dance, Visual Arts, Language Arts

Contact: Phone:  954-607-8555

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