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Flutes of the Andes 

An interactive musical performance designed to showcase the most representative flutes, melodies and rhythms of the Andean cultures of South America. Students will be introduced to the music and instruments of the Incas and Aymaras, who inhabited different regions of the Andes mountain range. This area is now shared by the countries of Peru, Bolivia, Chile, Ecuador and Argentina.

The educational goal of this program is to create awareness of Andean music and its main flute instruments as an essential part of the large and diversified Latin community. Students will be exposed to different flute sounds and melodies, learning the instrument names, how they are played, and their geographic origins. During the performance, the instructor will invite student volunteers to participate in some of the musical numbers by playing along with traditional percussion instruments.

This program has been performed for over 15 years in school districts throughout Southern California, and has always received very positive feedback from both students and teachers.

Grade Level:

PK - Grade 8

Number of Participants:

Min. 1 - Max. 120


School-based, Afterschool, Seniors, Community-Based, Out of School Camps


1-10 workshops at 1-2 hours per workshop over 1-8 weeks


LA.K.5.2.3, SS.2.A.2.1, SS.5.A.2.1, MU.K.S.3.4 , MU.2.H.1.1, MU.1.F.1.1, MU.K.H.1.1, MU.1.O.3.1, VA.K.S.3.1


$150.00 per performance plus $100 per additional musician



Contact: Phone:  954-471-9565
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