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Contact Info  
Phone 954-805-6784
Services available Group Art Classes, Private Art Instruction, Parent/Child Art Classes

Description of Services

Art Classes are offered in a fun and educational studio environment for pre-school through high school. A variety of classes are available based on age and skill level. Students work from various Still Life’s, Clothed Figure Models and photo images to develop their painting and drawing skills in a fun and inspiring environment. Elements and Principals of Art emphasized. Students create independently and as a team in a variety of mediums including: drawing, painting, collage, air-dry clay, oil and soft pastels, printmaking, recycled materials and 3-D constructions.
Students are introduced to historical, current and local artists through visual and verbal presentations culminating in a guided project that allows for individual creativity and interpretation. Community involvement is encouraged through art competitions and exhibitions.

The goal of the art program is to keep students engaged in art throughout their lives by emphasizing their creativity in the art, instruction of all mediums, and community participation. As a working artist, I am involved in showing my artwork and an active member of the Broward Art Guild Board of Directors. Credentials include a BA in Art, a Florida Certification in Art K-12, and NAEA membership.

Grade Level:

PK - High School

Number of Participants:



Artist Studio


1-5 classes at 60 minutes per class




$25-$150 depending on class


Visual Arts (including 2-D and 3-D artwork)

Contact: Phone:  954-805-6784

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