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On the Arts 04-2013
On The Arts

Photo by Francie Bishop Good

Give to the Arts - for the Sake of the Community
By David Horvitz

My wife, Francie Bishop Good, and I give to the arts.

We give to the arts even though there are so many other needs in the world and in our own back yard. We are well-aware of the high-profile challenges in the world, in the region and in our community. In Broward County, as is common elsewhere, poverty is a big problem. Our public education system is rarely a source of pride. People with low-incomes still get sub-par health care and have housing issues. Homelessness is a problem that doesn’t seem to be getting better. Children continue to be abused, neglected and abandoned – and spousal abuse seems endemic.

I could list a host of other real needs where charitable dollars can and do make a real difference.