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Sascha Rybinski of Goodtastic ProductionsThe Powerful Message of Film:

A Look at the Visual Artistry of Sascha Rybinski

By Susan F. Davis

When she was in the fifth grade, Sascha Rybinski fell in love with the camera and the images it could create. Thus began her journey into the world of both still photography and film. "I’ve always been in love with cinema" she explains. "It is such an immersive medium that losing yourself in the visual is a given! Plus," she adds with a laugh, "I also love how music makes it a more powerful medium too!

Rybinski honed her craft through various experiences as her specialized eye for detail grew and grew. She studied film at the School of Visual Arts in New York. Over the next 25 years, she worked both in commercial film and advertising. Never having desired to be in front of the camera, Rybinski truly found her comfort zone behind the camera, where she can observe all of life that’s needed to create her "stories."

In 2011, she founded GOODTASTIC Productions in Fort Lauderdale. GOODTASTIC is a full service production company specializing in community and corporate videos. "Our films show more than just information. We create stories that are optimistic in tone while the films seek to transform, motivate and inspire audiences to action!" she elaborates. These films have been described by clients as "tiny art pieces, "joyful and profound stories" and "door openers."

Sascha Rybinski describes herself as a workaholic, but her works become true labors of love. "It is essential that people receive positive messages," she emphasizes. "I am an optimist myself, so I want each of my films to reflect that positive view of life." Seeking to reach the audience through emotion, these films tell the customers’ stories by motivating the viewers to some action.

Rybinski is quick to tell us that just graduating from a renowned program and being all of those things she is creative, energetic and extremely artistic is simply not enough. "We know nothing of business," she admits freely. "We have plenty of wonderful ideas and absolutely no sense of how to market them or even how to get started to make a living at what we love to do!" That is where the Artist as the Entrepreneur Program (AEI) comes into the picture.

 Mandala- from The Art of Community -
 The Art of Community -
The Art of Community - Screenshots from Rybinski’s upcoming film about multiculturalism and diversity at Miami Country Day School.
Presented by the Broward Cultural Division, ArtServe Inc. and the Community Partnership for Arts and Culture in Cleveland, Ohio, AEI offers artists instruction on such topics as reaching their target markets, raising capital and protecting their work.

"It saved my life,"Rybinski explains of this program. "AEI filled in the missing elements for me by teaching about the practical aspects of being an artist and marketing our crafts." She described the learning process as AEI providing the tools essential for building an artistic business while allowing the artists themselves to become the rocket fuel essential for blast off.

Sascha Rybinski is both a 2011 graduate of AEI and a 2013 graduate of the program. When she first attended, she was ready to establish her company GOODTASTIC. "The information I took away from the program paved the way for me to begin my company." Her return in 2013 allowed her partner Christopher Lopez to attend with her. Lopez is the editor and sound mixer for the company. His work has appeared in numerous film festivals as well. The program gave them everything they needed to build on the already strong foundation upon which their company was structured.

Her love of documentaries and films of all types has helped her develop in her chosen industry. When asked "What next?" Rybinski explains that the goal of the company is to keep doing what it does well and to expand into feature-length documentaries. "Currently," she goes on, "we are hard at work on just such an original full-length documentary. We seek to continue with commercial films to reach various target audiences as well." Creating web videos that would serve as commercials for a company’s website and utilizing the internet for advertising films are ongoing projects as well. For the time being, their films will be shot on location. "Travel is definitely in our future," she says.

The good news for GOODTASTIC is that currently, it’s booked up until February 2015 with projects for its clients. Sasha Rybinski says it best when she explains, "We are creating stories - stories that people can pass on to someone else. There is no more perfect way to get your message across."

And so goes her story - a creative woman creating a positive product. She is definitely a breath of fresh air.


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