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Creating Duende-  Click to

Filmed In Broward
By Skip Sheffield

The Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (FLIFF) is commemorating one
specific high-profile aspect of Broward 100 - Celebrating the Art of Community: Movies made in Broward County.
A hand-picked selection of Broward County-made feature films will be
screened July 9-16 at Cinema Paradiso, 503 S.E. Sixth St., Fort Lauderdale.


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Sugar Coated Pill:
Ben Morey's Artistic Healing

By Rachel Galvin

unVision, Three part interactive installation (Commissioned for Young At Art Museum) 2013

Lollipop colors, rounded edges, curved lines: Ben Morey reveals the healing power of child-like innocence through his imagery.

He takes a fresh look at the idea of pleasure, sensuality remolded, squeezed through a tube and transformed into a technicolor alien version of a previous idea.


An Infusion of Culture and History into the World of Dance

By Helene foster

Jenny LarssonAfter spending most of her life living abroad, Jenny Larsson is so thankful to have the ability to dance at home in Broward County. A native of Sweden, she has combined her life experience with her dance studies to spread awareness about a unique type of performance right here in South Florida.

Her dance style takes its technique from both modern dance and flamenco and infuses international and local culture and history. In her artistic statement on her website, Larsson states, "My strong technical background in both modern dance and Flamenco shape a unique movement quality and style. One world gives me dramatic aesthetic; the other abstract movement and somatic understanding."


In The Picture
The Art of the Canoe - Reviving the Tradition and Craft of Carving

The Art of the Canoe


Pedro O. Zepeda is a traditional Seminole artist from Naples, Fla., and one of the very few Seminole/ Miccosukee canoe carvers left in the state of Florida.

In order to preserve the almost-lost art of canoe carving, Pedro is carving a dugout canoe from a cypress tree that fell during Hurricane Wilma. The log, 19 feet long and weighing more than a ton, is being worked on twice a month inside the Upper Room Art Gallery in downtown Fort Lauderdale.



ArtsEd Forever!

By Lisa Turano Wojcik

ArtsEd Forever Event - 2014.

ArtsEd Forever! honors outstanding contributors to the realm of arts education in Broward County - the celebrated teachers, legislators, dedicated individuals and local businesses and community organizations who have made a lasting impact on the arts.

The Broward Cultural Division and its partner, Business for the Arts of Broward, held their 29th annual awards program at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts last November


NMBR11 Holds A Special Meaning

Bernard Bulhack and Yesheva Lix - NMBR11

By Helene Foster

The number 11 has proven both lucky and inspirational for musicians Bernard Bulhack and Yeshiva Lex. They met while working on a blues musical project in May 2012. Since then, they have branched off on their own and have been making music together ever since.

"The number 11 has a special meaning for us," explains Lex. "It is a spiritual number – repeating for us everywhere – we met on May 11 and everything we encounter ends up to be some form of the number, and that’s really cool."


Public Art Update
Florida - A Seminole Girl

Florida - A Seminole Girl

Florida, A Seminole Girl, a bronze sculpture by Nilda Comas, was unveiled in March at Stranahan Landing in downtown Fort Lauderdale.

The monument was commissioned in celebration of the enduring presence of the Seminole People of Florida, and celebrating the anniversary of 500 years of Florida.


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