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The Art Walks of Broward County

By Julie Levin

If you want to learn about a community, its passion and vision, many times the answer lies within its art. That's why many Broward County communities come together each month to offer Art Walk events complete with food, drink and music to share and celebrate their creativity. The walks are as different as the artists who inspire them.

Here is a listing of some of what's offered throughout Broward County.


Cultural Close Up:
Chuck Loose
By Helene Foster

Chuck Loose, drummer turned graphic artist, has drawn designs for numerous rock album covers and posters.  Originally from New Mexico, Loose has had a lifelong appreciation for serigraph posters.

He and his company, Iron Forge Press in Wilton Manors, have been designing a variety of merchandise since 2004.


The Haunting Life
of Artist and Author John Bowen
By Stephanie Krulik

John Bowen - 'Mud Flats'

The light and shadows of John Bowen's detailed illustrations and watercolors identifies a man who has finally come to terms with himself.

The calm, open demeanor of this seventy year-old Broward County resident reveals he has made peace with his past as he looks forward to his future.

Read More... 


Featured Artist:
Eric Landes
By Rachel Galvin

Eric Landes - SubAnx

Parallel paneling stacked seamlessly beneath a peaked roof. Cookie cutter creations exemplifying the epitome of domesticity. Near these homes, an anomaly sits – a rounded gum drop bush, an RV hidden by drapery, a huge tent...

The dichotomy between the “normalcy” of the beige and gray domiciles and the odd additions in the landscape suggest that everything is not what it seems in these neighborhoods. Read More...

Celebrating Outstanding Educators
Lisa Turano Wojcik

Art Teacher of the Year - 3013 Winners

Division and its partner, Business for the Arts of Broward, presented their 28th annual awards in November at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. The program highlights the excellence of arts educators, the critical nature of artistic disciplines in schools and their impact on developing young minds.




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