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After the Year Long Party
A Message from the Broward Cultural Division Director Earl Bosworth

The curtain call of “We”...  The Passion & Rhythm of the People. Photo by David Muir.

As we move on from Broward 100 and Duende, it’s hard to explain how proud I am of my staff, our partners in the private and public sectors and our community as a whole.  Broward 100-Celebrating the Art of Community, our year-long celebration and its culminating events at Duende, engaged and embraced the entire county and truly showcased our talent, creativity and diversity.  A very special thanks to our administrator, Bertha Henry, Mayor Tim Ryan and the Board of County Commissioners, for believing in and supporting Broward 100. 

DANIEL PENA Performing with the Tito Puente, Jr. Orchestra. Photo: Gregory ReedIt’s an honor and a privilege to work with the dedicated and talented staff at the Cultural Division. They shared the dream and vision; jumped into action, met challenges, broke barriers, found ways to make things happen and executed plans with passion and poise.  When we began this project more than a year ago, we had no way of knowing just how it would unfold. Yet with each twist and turn throughout the journey, they made it bigger, better and more impactful than anything we’ve done in the past.  Perhaps most importantly, in keeping with our tagline, Celebrating the Art of Community, they used the arts to bridge, bond and build the community.

Each member of the team has done their part and more, making it personal and collaborative. It is a tribute to the nature of the project - to the nature of Broward 100 and Duende that “WE” all feel so inspired. Yes. However, it is also a tribute to a great team!

This Fall 2015 issue of Cultural Quarterly is dedicated to them.

Kelly Academy of Irish Dance performing at the Broward Center for the Performing Arts. photo by David Muir. It is also dedicated to Public Art, and VisualEYES the public art murals cornerstone of Broward 100.

In 2016, Broward County’s Public Art & Design Program turns 40 for its Ruby anniversary, and we acknowledge and honor this program that has grown and gained national and international respect throughout the years of Broward County’s growth.

VisualEYES also grew into a powerful community public art collaboration that will live long after Broward’s centennial year is complete. With one of nine murals located in each of nine Broward County Commissioner Districts, and a tenth at Port Everglades and with the talent of the local artists that came forward, as well as the community involvement and the city initiatives, this project grew from strength to strength on its own merit and heart. This issue tells the story of each of the artists, who they are, and how they came to be part of Broward 100.  We honor them as well!


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