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Starfish Shuffle by Xavier Cortada

Starfish Shuffle
Latest Addition to Port Everglades Public Art Collection

Passengers arriving at Port Everglades Terminal 2 will now find it easier to make their way through the cavernous terminal by following the path shown by colorful ceramic starfish, shuffling on their journey from the sand towards the sea. Starfish Shuffle is a series of eight unique ceramic murals mounted on the walls in the security screening area. This monumental series is the creation of artist Xavier Cortada. 

Entering through the front doors, passengers are greeted by a giant red starfish poised on the sand. Weaving their way through the security screening lines, passengers will encounter a group of three murals depicting brilliant red starfish floating on the white foam of roaring waves crashing on a shoreline.  Once past security, two more murals depict starfish crawling through turtle grass in shallow waters. Passengers are then led toward the ticketing area, where other starfish rest comfortably atop sandbars in the blue Caribbean Sea.  

Each 4’ x 8’ mural is composed of 288 uniquely painted tiles.  Each is deeply textured, carved and then hand-painted with multiple layers of glazes to achieve a brilliant and fluid effect that is suggestive of the warm tropical waters that cruise passengers eagerly anticipate on their voyage.
Cortada created art installations at the North Pole and South Pole to address environmental concerns at every point in between. He’s been commissioned to create art for the White House, the World Bank, Miami City Hall, Miami-Dade County Hall, Florida Botanical Gardens, the Miami Art Museum, Museum of Florida History, Miami Science Museum and the Frost Art Museum.

As Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport Gets a New Runway,
Artist Dawn Roe Documents the Development of this Historic Event

In October, five videos were installed on monitors in Terminal 1, Concourse B at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport in the first of a series of multi-media installations. The five videos - Airfield Study (Sky, Piles, Ribbon), Airfield Study (Desert Top), Airfield Study (Ground), Airfield Study (Light and Walls) and Airfield Study (Black, Dirt, Mound) - each subtly and uniquely depict a different aspect of the construction of the airport’s new south runway and the Terminal 4 expansion.

This unique and interactive artist-in-residence project will commemorate the development and construction of the airport expansion project and the transformation of the airport and surrounding areas through still photographs, digital video and a blog. The south runway is expected to be completed by September 2014. Follow Dawn Roe’s Blog.

Photo Caption: l – r: Airfield Study: Lights and Walls; Sky, Piles, Ribbon; Black Dirt Mound; Ground, South Runnway & Airfield Study:Desert Top

Abby Suckle of CultureNOWNew York's CultureNOW founder Abby Suckle Shares Insights

Broward County's Friends of Public Art recently invited members of the community to attend a free lecture by Abby Suckle, founder of CultureNOW, and an opening reception for a new virtual gallery of Broward County’s public art.

CultureNOW logoCultureNOW is an award-winning nonprofit organization that has revolutionized access to public art and architecture by creating a “Museum Without Walls” through its cell phone app and website. Today, is considered one of the largest and most comprehensive listings of public art and architecture in the country.

“Broward County has a world-class public art collection and we are pleased to collaborate with CultureNOW and delighted that Abby Suckle was here to talk about this amazing organization and the opportunity for Broward County’s Public Art program,” said Leslie Fordham, public art & design administrator for Broward County.

Suckle and her team are currently in the process of adding a selection of Broward County’s public art to the CultureNOW website. Visitors and residents now have the ability to easily access images and information about the County’s public art. The lecture served as an “opening reception” to this virtual digital gallery of Broward County's public art on the iPhone.

Since 2001, Suckle has collaborated with more than 75 public art programs nationwide to create a digital guide to public spaces. Thanks to CultureNOW, it is possible to walk through a city or neighborhood with a cell phone and view public art on a map, listen to podcasts describing the work or listen to an interview with the artist. More than 15,000 images and 1,150 podcasts and videos recorded by artists, architects, historians and curators are on the CultureNOW website.



Broward Cultural Division Unveils Friends of Public Art, Distinguished Speakers and Film Series 

Broward Cultural Division recently launched a dynamic initiative designed to encourage the community to actively engage with Broward County's Public Art & Design Program. Friends of Public Art shares the inner workings and the process through which public artworks come to life in the aesthetic tapestry of Broward County. From the selection of artists to the installation of the artwork, members will become knowledgeable about Broward County's museum without walls while having fun, mingling and learning about public art!
Friends of Public Art LogoFriends of Public Art members will have unique, behind-the-scenes access to one of the most dynamic and vital contemporary public art programs in the nation. Through a series of events and workshops that include meet-the-artist receptions, artist studio visits, expert-led lectures, films, a first-hand look at public art conservation and invitations to public art special events, members will network and learn about all aspects of public art including current and future Broward County public art initiatives and commissions. Most of the events will be free.

Call Leslie Fordham, public art & design administrator, at 954-357-7532 for more details on this program and visit the Broward Cultural Division website to become a member of Friends with Public Art. There is no cost to Sign Up.



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