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One Beautiful World is to Save the Arts

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One Beautiful World is a new non-profit organization giving back to the community in many different forms at one of the most demanding times in our society. The economic situation may be affecting the adults today, but the effect it will have on the children and teenagers of tomorrow. The next generation will have double the trouble and double the stress. That is where OBW comes in. OBW is trying to eliminate stress and trouble for the future of the next generation by educating and giving children and teens the chance to expand their knowledge. The organization wants to lead our next generation on the path to success not the path to failure.

The ultimate goal of this organization is to provide assistance and education to those in need. Their unofficial motto is that we want to make the world a better place, one child at a time. One Beautiful World devotes it time to the planet Earth and the children on it. OBW wants a cleaner environment and more well-rounded and intelligent children. All beach clean-ups, garage sales, car washes, music classes, and nursing home visits are all done by volunteers at any age. One Beautiful World’s teen board is very active within the organization and is always brain storming to collect money and get more teens and children involved with helping our Mother Earth and the people that are living on it.

The founder and president, Jess Cabillot is filled with joy and excitement because her new non-profit organization is not only cleaning and helping the people in the world, but also saving something that is important to her, the arts. Her secretary and right hand is Valentina Prieto. She organizes and plans out event. She hands out service hours and information on OBW. Her amazing and enthused teen board consist of a president, Danielle Prieto and vice president, Heather Maranges . The two girls have put a lot of time and effort into OBW and getting it to be very well- known. OBW uses the Weston Library a lot, to teach children about music and hold educational book clubs.

One Beautiful World wants to add a new flavor to the organization, the arts. The teens and adults have been disillusioned knowing that the arts are now getting a cut to its funds. They have taken a stand for music by having educational classes in the spring time at the Weston library. Now the board has constructed a fine arts class for the season of fall. The class will be aiming at children and teens, which are our next generation and hope for saving the arts.

This fine arts class will combine the three senses of touching, seeing, and hearing to make teens and children aware of how beautiful and important art is. The class will allow kids to make their own art with different techniques, view different types of art, and learn about artist and the history of art. This class is just one small step that will hopefully make the huge impact in the art world.

Not only does the organization want to inform children about the arts but, they also aim to show off the work of the young artists of today. On the website you can either view or broadcast work on One Beautiful World’s very first online art gallery.

One Beautiful World is always looking for more people to join the organization and lend a helping hand to our community and the planet Earth. This organization although small now, will have a huge impact to this beautiful world. It will give its part in helping the horrible economic situation that is effecting our next generation of children in the United States. For information and generous donations please visit, e-mail Jess Cabillot at, or visit their Facebook page to view ongoing events and developments.

Danielle Prieto is a senior at St. Thomas Aquinas High School and the editor in chief of her school newspaper and most recently an intern at the Broward Cultural Division

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