Cultural Quarterly Spring 2008
Volume XXI, Number 2
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A Glimpse into the History of Fort Lauderdale
as seen in Historic Photos of Fort Lauderdale
Text and Captions by Susan Gillis
Historic Photos of Fort Lauderdale
click image to enlarge

It is no secret that throughout the world, Fort Lauderdale is viewed as a tourist mecca.  Its glowing white sand beaches, dancing aqua seas, and delightful shops and cafes beckon many with a sunshine that lightens each and every day.  But, while this town has seen it all – from Indian wars and hurricanes to land booms and movie stars – Fort Lauderdale has battled its way out of the swampland into the beautiful gem it remains today.  In Historic Photos of Fort Lauderdale, Susan Gillis provides us with a rare glimpse of every facet of the journey undergone by this seat of government in Broward County.

This book preserves for us images that might have become lost forever, but instead, they will live on to be shared again and again.  Often called “The Venice of America,” Fort Lauderdale took only a brief 100 years to evolve.  Transportation, the arts, commerce and sheer natural beauty figure prominently in the photographs included in this coffee table book.  Faces from the past will be revealed once again, while landscapes, buildings and seascapes emerge to jog a sense of recognition in each of us. 

Enjoy this glance into Susan Gillis’ photographic collection as she takes us back into a rich and memorable past of what we know today as Fort Lauderdale.


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