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Spring 2008
Volume XXI, Number 2
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  Leon M. Rubin
Stephanie Krulik
Holly Strawbridge
Helene Foster
  Susan F. Davis“Suzi”
  Bill Moskin
  Samantha Rojas

Leon Rubin
Leon M. Rubin

After nearly 17 years in South Florida, Leon M. Rubin escaped to the North Georgia mountains in 2006 with his wife, Suzi.  He is grateful that, after spending a dozen years as a writer and editor for Cultural Quarterly, he can continue to be involved with the publication.  Leon is president of The Rubin Communications Group and has been working with arts and cultural organizations as a writer and public relations consultant for more than three decades – going all the way back to his days as Arts Editor of The Lantern, the student newspaper at The Ohio State University.

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Stephanie Krulik
Stephanie Krulik

Stephanie Krulik is a widely published writer specializing in the arts, personality profiles, health issues and thoroughbred horse racing. Currently working on a non-fiction memoir about two German born, south Florida Holocaust survivors, she gives voice to issues of survival. Her work can be found in numerous newspapers and magazines including, The Cultural Quarterly; Water