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Cultural DivisionFundingCultural Planning & Facilities Program
Cultural Planning & Facilities Program
Opportunity for eligible cultural not-for-profit organizations and public entities to request funding for non-recurring needs such as stabilization, planning or capital projects. Stabilization requests may be for planning or financial stability. Cultural facility requests may be for acquisition, expansion or renovation of existing buildings, or site acquisition and construction of new buildings to be used for cultural activities. Funding for CPFP awards is at the sole discretion of the Broward County Board of County Commissioners. Funds may or may not be awarded during any fiscal year. ​

Matching Funds: The applicant must provide a two-to-one cash match.

Award Size: Minimum of $5,100.

What may be funded


In an effort to assist cultural organizations in achieving stabilization and developing the ability to sustain themselves in the future, Broward County offers stabilization awards. Stabilization awards assist an organization in strengthening its capacity internally or within a cultural arts field, adapting to the realities of its potential audiences and communities by reaching an appropriate size, and maximizing and diversifying resources. This may involve technical assistance including fees for consultants. A stabilization award may encompass one or more of the following:


Comprehensive planning may involve all areas of operation: governance, programming, financial management, marketing, community relations, personnel, etc. Planning evaluation may also examine an organization’s relations within its community, or constituency (geographic or otherwise), or within its field of endeavors. Development of a long-range plan is an example of planning evaluation.

Targeted planning may involve a specific activity or discrete set of activities within the context of an organization’s overall program and mission. Examples include: a marketing analysis which may include efforts to identify and target potential audiences; an examination of the best way to integrate new or updated technology into the organization’s operations; a study of the feasibility of expanding or reducing the organization’s facility, or a plan to improve the skills of staff members.
Planning for a consortium or alliance might entail the development of a consortium of other alliance or organizations that come together to develop a plan for sharing expertise and resources

Financial Stability

These requests must be accompanied by a comprehensive plan showing how the organization plans to meet the requirements for matching funds and then sustain itself once the CPFP project is completed. All matching funds must be new money and designated specifically for either an endowment or debt reduction.
Endowment. An endowment is defined as the portion of an organization’s income usually in the form of dividends from invested funds that are derived from donations. The principle of the endowment may not be drawn down; only the interest or dividends may be used by the organization. If Broward County funds are placed in an endowment, the endowment must remain intact and must be separately disclosed in the organization’s audited financial statements for the length of the grant period and for a minimum of ten (10) years after the grant end date. Only earnings may be used for operations, programs or reinvestment in the fund portfolio.
Debt Reduction. Debt reduction shall mean the payment of a mortgage, loan, bonded indebtedness, or reduction or elimination of a deficit.


A cultural facility is one which houses an organization whose primary function is the programming, production, presentation, or exhibition of any combination of the cultural arts as defined in Chapter 29, Part II, of the Broward County Administrative Code. A facility which is or will be used primarily for housing administrative offices or for storage is not considered a cultural facility for the purpose of this program.
Cultural Facility projects located in Broward County.
A project for the acquisition, expansion, or renovation of existing buildings; or site acquisition and construction of new buildings to be used for cultural activities.
For leased property, the following will govern the project scope and the lease period required.

Application Deadline: January 15 (Suspended due to funding reductions)​