Public Artwork in Park

Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex on Water -Alice Aycock

Name:  Alice Aycock

Title:  "Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex on Water"

Medium:  Sculpture -Metal

Size:  18' x 20' x 20'

Year Installed:  2008

Venue:  Central Broward Regional Park




Whirls and Swirls and a Vortex on Water, a sculpture of metal, steel, concrete and acrylic and hovers slightly above water in a 30’ x 21’ elliptical-shaped pool. Massive metal ribbons up to 20’ long, spiral around an acrylic sphere that has an internal sculptural element alongside a 16’ metal vortex that delves below the water’s surface. This artwork is designed to generate a realm of wonder and curiosity; to be theatrical, poetic, delightful and magical. Integrating, nature, science, art and technology, its normal composition refers to the dynamic and tumultuous weather patterns in South Florida and the gravitational forces present on the earth and throughout the solar system, illustrating the expanding universe and underwater marine life.