Project Details

Miramar ArtsPark

Artist:  "Vanishing View" by Alison Sky

Division/Dept: Broward Cultural Division and City of Miramar

Location: Southeast corner of the Flamingo Road/Red Road connector and Miramar Boulevard (north of Miramar Pkwy., east of Red Road, west of Hiatus Road, south
of Miramar Blvd.)

Miramar ArtsPark

Project Description: Part of the 54-acre Town Center parcel, the approximate 42,162 square foot Cultural Arts Center will anchor the ArtsPark and be part of the 15-acre civic portion of the Town Center. Key Elements include a 814-seat theater, exhibition space, classrooms, recital room, lecture/multipurpose room, banquet room, studios, outdoor amphitheater, botanical and sculpture garden.  A Civic Plaza will front the Cultural Center and City Hall. The ArtsPark will serve all Broward County residents and visitors by providing cultural programming with professional artists for people of all ages.

Budget: $16,000,001 ($2.1 million from County)Miramar ArtsPark

Art Budget: $200,000

Architect: Cartaya & Associates

Year: Completed in 2008




Contact Information

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Camasha Cevieux, MPA
General Manager, City of Miramar Cultural Arts
2300 Civic Center Place, 2nd Floor, Miramar, Florida 33025
Phone:  (954) 602-3092, Fax:  (954) 602-3488

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