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Definition of an ArtsPark


An ArtsPark is a Cultural Center for the performing, visual and literary arts including classroom and workshop space, exhibit and performance space and cultural programming by professional artists with free or low cost services to the community.



History of the ArtsPark



Hollywood ArtsParkThe 2000 Safe Parks and Land Preservation Bond included a $5 million budget to construct a cultural center in a park.  To leverage additional dollars for this cultural center, the County issued a Request for Letter of Interest (RLI) to municipalities to match that amount.  In a competitive process, the City of Hollywood was awarded the ArtsPark funding to transform Young Circle Park.

The Board of County Commissioners was so impressed with the other applicants that additional funding from the Bond is now enabling the cities of Pembroke Pines and Miramar to also have ArtsParks.  An ArtsPark will also be built (in conjunction with a new library) in the new 110-acre Central Regional Park Cultural Center and Library.  Discussions are underway for joint funding of the cultural center between Broward County and the City of Lauderhill.

The cultural centers are envisioned as a cultural community center providing free or low-cost arts services and would include classroom space, exhibit space, theaters, and sculpture gardens.



Contact Info



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Contact: Holly Bonkowski, Cultural Arts Coordinator,

(Center offers classes in music and art and hosts summer camp)

Susan B. Katz Theatre of the Performing Arts
River of Grass ArtsPark
17195 Sheridan Street
Phone: 954-322-2597.
Contact: Maritza Rodriguez, Recreation Specialist,