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 Arts and Economic Prosperity

 The Economic impact of the non-profit arts and cultural industry

​Released in June 2017, the Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 is report documents the economic impact of the nonprofit arts and cultural industry.
Conducted by Americans for the Arts​, the nation's nonprofit organization for advancing the arts in America, Broward County was one of 341 study regions across the country.
Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 (AEP5)​is the most comprehensive economic impact study of the nonprofit arts and culture industry ever conducted.
The Arts & Economic Prosperity 5 study provides compelling evidence that the nonprofit arts and culture sector is a $414.2 million industry in Broward County.
This industry supports 11,078 full-time equivalent jobs and generates $40.1 million in revenue for local and state government.
They spent 148m in 2015, leveraging $265.7m additional spending by their audiences; spending that pumped vital revenue into restaurants, hotels, retail stores, parking garages, and other local businesses.
Economics of Art Event
On the evening of Thursday, December 14, 2017, Randy Cohen – Vice President of Research and Policy for Americans for the Arts – will address the $414 million impact of the nonprofit arts and culture industry on Broward County’s economy.  Read More >
Arts Mean Business
The impact of spending by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations in Broward County is far reaching: they pay their employees, purchase supplies, and acquire assets within the local community.   
Whether serving the local community or out-of-town visitors, a vibrant arts and culture industry helps local businesses thrive.
The impact of spending by nonprofit arts and cultural organizations is far reaching. 63% of nonresident survey respondents indicated that the primary purpose of their visit to Broward County was “specifically to attend this arts/cultural event.” 

Press Coverage
Read about the results and their impact in the Sun Sentinel and Miami Herald. ​
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“The data is clear. The arts are not a charity; they are an industry. 
While they support a quality of life that we all know and appreciate; the arts are also a significant economic driver in Broward County.”​ 

Director, Broward Cultural Division