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About the Artists

Written Words _Public ArtGillman & Keefer have been working together as an artist team since 1990, focusing on site-specific public art works.  Their artworks incorporate granite, concrete, bronze, steel, and numerous other materials.  Enthusiasts of the collaborative approach, they first visit the project site, talk to people who use the area, attend community meetings, and research historical and current use contexts before submitting an initial design proposal.  They then work with clients and the community to refine the design and/or address any concerns.  Often their work is part of a larger construction project, and they are skilled at scheduling their work so it dovetails into that project.

Steve and Katherine's work looks quite different from one project to another, as they recognize that each site is unique and strive to create pieces that suit each individual location.
View some of their other public artworks.

Steve Gillman is a stone sculptor and has an MFA in sculpture from University of Eugene and Katherine Keefer has an MFA in ceramics/sculpture from Washington State University. 

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