Margaret Tolbert

Name:   Margaret Tolbert
Artwork:   Reflections
Medium:   Photographs
Size:   32" X 24"


Located:   Weston Branch Library



Margaret Ross TolbertMargaret Ross Tolbert is a painter based in Gainesville, Florida. Over the last twenty years she has executed series of paintings, drawings and lithographs from studios in the U.S., France and Turkey. Her commissions include projects for series of paintings with residencies in Turkey, Azerbaijan and Oman, enabling her to continue her research for her series, Doors and study of language and dance from the regions of the ancient trade routes. Another continuing focus is the Springs of North Florida, whose paradisiacal presence provide a sense of ideal destination and the exotic in the here-and-now that counterpoints the sense of passage, time and journey implicit in the Door paintings. Her work also includes performance based on ethnic dance and the pursuit of the exotic.

Solo exhibits include: Margaret Ross Tolbert: Doors at the University of Richmond Museums, (August 2005 - July 2006); Passages, at The Polk Museum in Lakeland, Florida, (Fall 2004); Springs Eternal?, at the Gulfcoast Museum of Art, (2003); Palace/Spring at Galleri Max in Stockholm, Sweden (1996); Aquifer, at LeMieux Galleries in New Orleans (2002); and Portals and Passages, at the Museum of Florida History, Daytona Museum of Arts and Sciences, Gulfcoast Art Center and Okaloosa Walton Community College (1997 - 1998).

Group shows include Jord, Eld, Vatan, with four other artists at Martenpers Kella in Brantevik, Sweden, with Energy dance performance with Stefan Craciun; American Confluences, at Edsvik Konsthall in Sollentuna, Sweden (2006); Growth Spurt by Edgezones at World Arts Center, Miami, FL (2005 - 2006); WET, World Arts Center, Miami, FL (2005); The Swamp, on the Edge of Eden, a group exhibit at the Harn Museum in Gainesville, FL (2000); H2O, a traveling group exhibit that toured venues in Florida and Georgia (2000 - 2002); and Han, an exhibit with Nitin Jayaswal based on the caravansaries of the ancient trade routes, with venues in Jacksonville and New Orleans (2000 - 2001).

She has received a Visual Arts Fellowship (1997 - 1998) from the State of Florida, and has had several residencies, including A Sense of Place, at Jamestown Community College, Olean, New York (1993), master classes with art and literature students on uses of landscape as metaphor, and Integrating through the Arts, at the Museum of Arts and Sciences, Daytona Beach, FL ( 1997). In 2003 she installed Cloudspring, a permanent installation at the Gulfcoast Museum of Art; and Springs Passage, paintings for the Volusia County Courthouse (Art-in-State Buildings), was installed in 2002. Other public art installations were completed for the Overtown metrorail Station (Miami Dade Art in Public Places) and recently a project with lenticular panels with Nitin Jayaswal for the Weston Public Library for Broward County Public Art and Design. Her work also encompasses performance and writing; she recently published GEZI, a book of sketches and narratives from travels in Eastern Turkey.

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