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Mark Fuller (MTFuller) is an environmental graphic and industrial designer, and has been participating in the Public Art forum since 1992. He is a creator of dynamic site specific exterior sculptural installations for a wide variety of projects, and has been established in West Palm Beach, Florida since 1986.

His work has primarily been oriented towards creating sculptural identity elements that help to establish a strong sense of place. In addition to his public art, his design experience includes urban street furniture such as seating elements, bollards, lighting fixtures, tree grates, and telephone kiosks. His Art In Public Places installations have included kinetic constructions, compression-tension cable structures, and static free-standing elements.

While the style of Mark’s work is not characterized by a specific 'look'; it is highly stylized by his research into the unique function, architecture, environmental and cultural aspects that surround each project . As a result, the visual characteristics of Fuller’s installations flex and change with an appropriate sensitivity for the project at hand. His works are site-specific, and typically laced with symbolic or abstract reference that link the art solidly to its environment. His projects have been referenced by a spokesperson for the National Endowment For The Arts as "a good example of what public art can be".

His most recent works explore the use of cutting edge high-technology and dichroic coatings. His installations have included solar-generated electric power, LED luminaries, and the recycling of various glass waste materials. With an interest to promote ‘green’ and low carbon footprint ideology, Mark continues to move forward developing appropriate eco-conscious fabrication methods and techniques.

Experience with - and accessibility to high-tech fabrication methods and finishing technology allow him to effectively determine appropriate production methods to accommodate budget, schedule, and function requirements. His projects often incorporate diverse fabrication methods utilizing polymer-based mouldings, cast stone fabrications, specialized epoxy-polyester hybrid coatings, and aero-space quality precision metal fabrications. His production facility provides him with immediate access to state-of-the-art industrial lasers, water-jet cutting, CNC computerized machining, robotic welding, robotic brakes, Amada punch presses, powder coating, and large format image reproduction. Once combined with his sophisticated design skills, these assets ensure his ability to streamline the creative process from concept to reality.

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