Rosario Marquardt and Roberto Behar
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Roberto Behar & Rosario Marquardt, who collaborate under the name R&R Studios, are known for their large-scale permanent public installations. Originally from Argentina, they both have degrees in Architecture from the Universidad Nacional de Rosario. They have exhibited their work at the Museum of Contemporary Art in North Miami, the Fondation pour l’Architecture in Brussels and the Museo Nacional d’Arte in La Paz. Their work has been featured in numerous publications including The New York Times, Aula, Art in America, and Metropolis.

“We have often thought of our work in terms of a kind of utopian realism,” says Marquardt. “Perhaps, our work can be seen as [providing] “imaginary solutions” in the tradition of Alfred Jarry’s idea of Pataphysics ‘the science of imaginary solutions.’” “Roberto and Rosario’s sense of scale and their ability to balance complex concepts with playfulness and accessibility distinguish them from many artists working today,” remarked Payton.

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