Pam Beyette


Artwork:   "Lay of the Land"
Medium:   Integrated Art -Plaza Design
Year:   2010
Location:   Fort Lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport


Pam Beyette is a public artist and art planner living in Seattle, WA. Her projects emphasize collaboration and partnership with architects, engineers, scientists, writers, communities, and public agencies. She has participated as lead artist and art planner on a number of design teams for streeetscapes, plazas, town squares and civic centers. Additionally, many of her site-specific artworks have been incorporated into schools, parks, libraries, universities, airports, transit stations, public safety facilities, and justice centers. Her inspiration is sourced from environmental, historical and cultural experiences, creating art that tells a story of place, tracing humankind’s imprint and illustrating nature’s silhouette.

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Artist Statement

“Lay of the Land is a series of inlays illustrating South Florida’s expansive and distinctive ecosystem from a bird’s-eye point of view. The installations are inspired from the constantly changing pattern and structure of the sawgrass praries, braided wetlands, and coastal estuaries. The inlays are welcome mats of contours, silhouettes and imprints. Each inlay motif relates to some aspect of the expansive flow of water as it permeates the mosaic of ponds, sloughs, marshes, coral reefs, and estuaries. Six motifs are repeated in the 22 vestibule entries with color variations reflecting the airport’s way-finding palette. The 4”x 4” staggered field tiles frame the center 1”x 1” mosaic tile designs with various shades and colors in keeping with the Florida Waterways.”