Richard Medlock

Name:   Richard Medlock
Artwork:   Equestrian Oasis
Medium:   Integrated Art - Plaza design
Size:   10' x 120' x 120'
Year:   2004
Located:   Sunshine Ranches Equestrian Park


Richard MedlockRichard has been a resident of South Florida for 25 years. He began working with the idea of People Spaces as an artistic expression in the Mid 1970s. Creating his first Public Art Work at University of Wisconsin/Oshkosh, he titled it The 8-1 Mounds, completing the earthwork in 1977.  He has produced Installations, performance pieces, sculptures and other works of art in a variety of media since the mid 1960s, utilizing steel and stone as well as other materials. 

Medlock's current Public Art Work attempts to articulate physical space, creating resonant fields through which shapes and human fields interact, resulting in social function, evolving into transactional, and ultimately transformational poetic experiences.  Richard’s current studio work deals with creation theory(s). It is physical but not strictly limited to visual interpretation, but rather can be inferred as a metaphor of the Algebra of the Universe.

Artist Statement

"I have been making environments as art since the mid-1970s. Many have been spaces where people interact with the structure of the work and with each other. This work is normally done under the venue of a Public Art Project.  I have also engaged in making installations and objects in Museums, Galleries, Parks and other large outdoor spaces at least since then. To summarize my art philosophy is to say, the intent in all these works is to create the actuality of sanctified place in which the viewer’s resonant fields become connected both consciously and subconsciously to these expressions of awareness and appreciation in the continuum of creation"

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