Wendy Wischer

Name:Wendy Wischer
Medium:Bus Wrap
Size:9' x 10'  x 40'
Located:Fort Lauderdale International Airport 

Wendy WischerWendy Wischer creates conceptually based work in a variety of media ranging from photography to sculptural objects, to site-specific installations, video and public works. Much of the work is based on blurring the separation between the intrinsic history of working with nature and the cutting edge of “New Media”. She is the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner grant, the South Florida Consortium Grant, the Individual Artist Fellowship and the Artist Enhancement Grant from the State of Florida, the New Forms Grant from the Miami-Dade Division of Cultural Affairs, and the Alberta Prize for Visual Art from the Alberta Dupont Foundation.

Wendy Wischer has exhibited nationally with solo exhibitions in Florida, New York, California and Minnesota and internationally in Spain, the Dominican Republic and Israel. Wendy exhibited in the Art Projects at Art Basel Miami Beach, in 2002. Her work is part of the Miami Art Museum permanent collection and she was recently included in representing Florida Women artists at the National Museum of Women in Washington DC. 


Parallel is a temporary art project using graphic design and hi-tech printed vinyl to wrap the entire shuttle fleet that transports passengers from the Rental Car Center to the terminals at the Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. The design is inspired by the mangrove tree, also known as the walking tree, which has its roots holding South Florida together. The artwork, Parallel, while simple in design, consists of several conceptual layers. It is an image taken from the reflection of mangrove trees at the water’s edge. The images have been duplicated and reversed to create a mirror effect horizontally as well as vertically. The impression is that the landscape is revealing another dimension, one that is familiar yet unique at the same time, a window into the magic of our environment.

The artist states that “as with the diversity of people both living in and traveling through Broward County, the landscape holds a wealth of diversity in its jungle. Yet within our diversity, common ground can be found. Our unique voices create ripples of experience that expand out to others and then melt together creating this special place that we pass through on our journeys, whether they be short or long term, they all become part of our experiences and reside within our memories. As the passengers board the buses they become part of the story and this special journey, their voices become part of the sound and they contribute, even if in a small way, to the history of the place. The buses then circulate widely as they travel back and forth, bouncing from destination to destination, echoing the tale that is continuously unfolding.”

Artist's Website : http://www.wendywischer.com/