A.P.B. (All Points Bulletin)
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A.P.B. (All Points Bulletin), a mixed-media painting of collaged images.

Artist:  Kyle Barnette

Title:  "A.P.B. (All Points Bulletin)"

Medium:  Painting -mixed media

Size:  30" x 52" x 2"

Year Installed:  1998

Venue:  Emergency Operations Center


Barnette painted the plywood surface with acrylic, then photo silk screened another imagery on top of the painted surface to arrive at the final and desired composition. This artwork is among a series of six paintings he made for the Emergency Operation Center. Viewing is by appointment only.

Artist Statement

"A mystery or problem is symbolized by the blue cloud. The superimposed Roman vaulted arch, one of the strongest structures ever designed, represents our physical world or more specifically, the Emergency Operation Center. Antennas disguised in the background refer to the human spirit which reaches out to communicate or to assist those in need. The ambiguity of this painting signifies unending preparedness for the unseen."