Blue Skies


Blue Skies, a mixed media painting.

Artist:  Kyle Barnette

Title:  "Blue Skies"

Medium:  Painting - Mixed-Media

Size:  30" x 60" x 2"

Year Installed:  1998

Venue:  Emergency Operations Center



This painting, one of six paintings by Fort Lauderdale artist Kyle Barnette, provides metaphorical "windows" for the windowless environment of the Emergency Operation Center. The artist attached the painting, an acrylic with photo-silk screening, directly to the walls with bolts visible as part of the design of the artwork, but also as a reminder of the Center's emergency-preparedness focus. Viewing is by appointment only.


Artist Statement

"This playful work expounds on the idea that when we look at clouds, we don't always see them as they are, but rather we sometimes use them just as a place to rest our eyes. These childlike clouds represent the naïve point of view necessary to keep our dreams alive and they are juxtaposed in style by the hard edged technological GOES satellite. The Coriolus Effect representing the deflective effect of the Earth's rotation on non-stationary elements such as the atmosphere and the oceans, is referred to by the spacewalk barely visible on the right, and the balls which are in motion going down a ramp, around the Earth, into a satellite dish and around the painting. The balls signify planets or atoms, and the use of the diagram signifies the models that we build to help us better understand our environment."