Eclipse is a mixed media painting of sky and charts.



Artist:  Kyle Barnette


Title:  "Elcipse"

Medium:  Mixed-Medium - Photographic Collage

Size:  60" x 60" x 2"

Year Installed:  1998

Venue:  Emergency Operations Center 

*Please contact Meredith Clements to arrange a viewing of this work.






A well planned conceptual painting illustrates the orbital position of each planet; thus the interaction of gravity and celestial phenomenon effecting each planet to create its own unique weather pattern. This painting greets the users of the Center when they enter the office. Viewing is by appointment only.



Artist Statement


"This painting deals with the abstraction of worlds and ideas. The long range view of the intersection of the solar system with clouds, represents the long range vision exercised by the Emergency Management Division. Our solar system has been described as ecliptical and this idea is illustrated by the placement of the Emergency Management seal which causes an eclipse of the painting just as the planets themselves create eclipses at different times. Likewise, the viewer will also eclipse some of the planets when standing in front of the painting. Spherical and elliptical elements are placed in such a way that when standing near the painting the average viewer would be on the third orbit which is the Earth."