Parade by Kyle Barnette


Artist:  Kyle Barnette

Title:  "Parade"

Medium:  Painting - Mixed-Media

Size:  42' x 168' x 2'

Year Installed:  1998

Venue: Emergency Operations Center



This large scale photo-silk-screen over painted plywood surface describes the frequent paths of the tropical storm systems. From a series of six paintings, Kyle Barnette provides metaphorical windows for the windowless environment of the Emergency Operation Center. The artist attached the painting directly to the walls with bolts as a reminder of the Center's emergency preparedness focus. Viewing is by appointment only.

Artist Statement

"This Parade of Storms is inspired by the rapid succession of numerous tropical storms, depressions, waves, hurricanes and disturbances that formed near the Canary Islands off the western coast of Africa in 1995. Superimposed on these images of large weather systems is a sea breeze diagram showing convection energy. This reference to the macro/micro connection symbolized adaptability in problem solving on different scales. The energy is constant although the situations change. In this painting the Roman vaulted arch represents a satellite taking this picture as it tumbles through space in low earth orbit."