Rhombus Rhythms


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Rhombus Rhythms, acyrlic painting of geometric shapes.

Artist:  Marc Beauregard

Title:  "Rhombus Rhythms"

Medium:  Painting - Acrylic

Size:  54" x 110" x 2"

Year Installed:  1984

Venue:  Broward County Main Library



Six diamond-shaped gator board panels organized in two groupings, form two sextagonal arrangements. They are painted with acrylic and textured with acrylic resin. The geometric imageries repeat the diamond shape with slightly different sizes and slightly different alignment. The exact spacing between each panel is very crucial to the compositional coherence. This artwork is on the third floor of the Main Library.


Artist Statement

"Contrasting elements seem to be integrated in my life and art. The known and the unknown confront the thought process in my every-day experiences.

The known, and a search for the unknown, confront the thought process in my everyday experiences. We see that which is there, and accept it for what it is. Look again and you can see from a place within yourself, a vision that can reveal the unknown. This perspective gives the artist a tool to observe 'everday' existence, interpreting it into a creative personal expression."