This Way Out, Light
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This Way Out Light, painting with sky, ribbons and trees.
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  Artist:  Mimi Botscheller

Title:  "This Way Out, Light"

Medium:  Painting - Oil

Size:  40" x 60"

Year Installed:  1987

Venue:  Mass Transit Division



Broward based artist Mimi Botscheller reinterpreted the theme of landscape in this multi-dimensional portrayal of magic realism. In the foreground, a line of stylized trees are silhouetting against a nocturnal sky. Looking upward, a dramatic sunset with blazing clouds looming over the plain, is seen through two openings, flanking a central opening with six dowel rods of rainbow colors. An almost perfect symmetry is premeditated in the composition, to eschew the incongruent and conflicting stylistic depictions of the subject matter.


Artist Statement

"This Way Out, Light is a landscape concept with multiple points of view in which the landscape is perceived in different forms. The light spectrum created by the dowel rods produce ribbons of light which direct the composition."