"Mirror" by Robert Calvo

Title:  "Mirror"

Artist:  Robert Calvo

Medium:  Digital Print (and mixed media)

Year Installed:  2008

Venue:  Miramar Library & Education Center



The Miramar Library & Education Center features a public artwork by Robert Calvo.  The artist created a heroic scaled mural that weaves many layers of imagery and information to acknowledge the connections between the community, the region and the encyclopedic nature of the library. Against a dark celestial background the artist offers a diverse and intriguing range of maps, images and symbols referencing topics catalogued according to the Dewey Decimal classification system widely used by libraries (example: 400-499 Language; 500-599 Science etc.). Consisting of large format archival prints of computer manipulated imagery, the mural also includes a layer of actual books that have been gold-leafed to a brilliant luster.


Artist Statement

"Conceptually the design references the regional cultural geography, the encyclopedic nature of the library and the library's unique contribution to the community through its wealth of knowledge.

The artwork acknowledges the connections between the neighborhood, the region and the larger world. The visual character of this part of Florida is portrayed with photos of clouds, trees, plants, canals, streets and other landscape elements common to Miramar.

The collection of books, pictures, newspapers, electronic media and other documents are its treasure and are represented by dozens of book sculptures in gold attached to the face of the artwork."


Artwork Images

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