Untitled (Chermayeff)
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Mosaic arwork, goemetric tiles.

Artist:  Ivan Chermayeff

Title:  Untitled (Chermayeff)

Medium:  Mural - Tile design

Year Installed:  1984

Venue:  Broward County Main Library



Ivan Chermayeff, an internationally exhibited artist, created a geometric ceramic design in response to the architectural form of the Main Library by architect Robert F. Gatje of Marcel Breuer & Associates. The colorful tile work, in hue of blue, red, yellow ochre, black and white, in contrast to the muted creamy grey of the monolithic limestone cladding of the building, volumetrically manifests itself at one of the busiest intersections in downtown Fort Lauderdale.


Artist Statement

"The design utilizes the graphic nature of the tiles, recognizing the quality of the architecture and working in accordance with it."