Dancing Oceans

Artist:  Carlos Alves and JC Carroll

Title:  Dancing Ocean

Medium:  Mosaic Tiles

Size:  280” height x 237” width x 109” depth

Year Installed:  2013

Venue:  Port Everglades - Terminal 26 - elevator and stairwell walls


Two different projects by the same artists function to assist with way-finding by providing visual cues to passengers to lead them towards the ship. Individually handcrafted ceramic wave sculptures mounted to a long overhead wall lead passengers from the ticketing area towards the Dancing Oceans artwork which covers both levels of the elevator core walls on all four sides.   The hand-glazed turquoise blue and green mosaic tiles arranged in gentle wavelike patterns suggest calm seas ahead on the upcoming cruise which will refresh and soothe the perspective of cruisers and invite them to head upstairs for the rest of the embarkation process.  Schools of aluminum fish, mounted on short brackets, swim in front of the mosaic tiles. Iridescent hand glazed sealife medallions such as starfish and bubbles complete the mural.

Artist Statment

We created the “Dancing Oceans’ piece to represent the wonderful movement of the oceans. We want the viewer to once again look forward to their journey at sea, and to be reminded of a wonderful time ahead.