A Day on the Beach & a Night on the Town
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Artist:  Mark Diamond

Title:  "Day on the Beach & A Night on the Town"

Medium:  Video

Length:  7 minutes, 54 seconds

Year Installed:  2003

Venue:  Fort lauderdale/Hollywood International Airport



"A Day on the Beach & A Night on the Town" by Mark Diamond is a stop motion journey from north to south of the beaches in Broward by day, and a colorful animated view of Broward’s night life along the eastern cities. The style of the video integrates the modern digital single lens camera with videographic and cinematographic sensibilities. The fast video montage captures the attention of viewers and conveys the uniqueness of textures, forms, people and movement that color Broward County.


Artist Statement

"It is no coincidence that at the precise time that the Earth requires an interconnectedness and cooperation for it’s survival, that various new media present themselves for the conveyance of powerful visual communications."

"My work has evolved with material science developments, as I constantly seek to explore and apply these new technical innovations towards aesthetic endeavors. I have been extremely fortunate to maintain a constantly expanding toolkit for these explorations. Likewise, my lack of any formal training or educations has afforded me a certain open mindedness of approach that averts formulaic results."

"The realms of moving holographic imaging have expanded my spatial sensibility and honed my grasp of compositional technique. Curiously, students I have taught report the same effect when returning to their customary media suggesting that the medium itself is triggering these effects."