Untitled (Fortin), 2 Textile Collages
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Geometric textile collage.Geometric Textile collage.

Artist:   Xenia Fortin

Title:  "Untitled (Fortin), 2 Textile Collages"

Medium:  Mixed-Medium - Collage

Size:  48" x 48", each, 2 pieces

Year Installed:  1980

Venue:  South Regional Courthouse



Xenia Fortin combined the style of geometric abstraction with constructivism, she carefully placed objects, in this case rolls of paper or small sculptural forms in fabric, on top or behind an acrylic sheet to achieve spatial articulation. Each collage is encased in an acrylic box and placed on the second floor of the Courthouse.


Artist Statement

"Multi-media collage construction executed with fabric and strings."