Swimming in Knowledge
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Swimming in Knowledge by Leslie Fry 

Artist:  Leslie Fry

Title:  "Swimming in Knowledge"

Medium:  Sculpture - Wall Relief

Size:  39" x 74" x 6"

Year Installed:  2005

Venue:  Pompano Beach Branch Library




The motifs used for the Pompano Beach Branch Library emphasize nature in combination with human knowledge and access to information.  Above the interior entryway to the Pompano Beach Branch Library, this colorful sculptural wall relief of cast Forton finished with acrylic paint portrays a school of leaping Pompano fish, the city's emblem, out of a sea of letters and numbers, representing potential ideas waiting to be formed. The artwork is served as a welcoming presence to daily patrons.


Artist Statement

"The decision to create painted wall-reliefs for the four branch libraries was in response to the community outreach meetings in each neighborhood. People had requested for many different representational images and emphasized the use of color.

The images used for the Margate Catherine Young Branch Library are flora connected with human learning, openness and growth. Leaves of pages and plants become one with hands finding the way toward knowledge."


Artwork Images

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Swimming in Knowledge by Leslie Fry