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"Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow" public art by George Gadson


Artist:  George Gadson

Title:  "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow"

Medium:  Integrated Art -Installation with Multiple Components

Year Installed:  2010

Venue:  Lauderdale Lakes Library/Educational & Cultural Center


This integrated sculpture consists of 2 major components, one is a two part 3-dimentional sculpture of the globe and the other is a granite sundial inlayed in the ground.  The globe sculpture is made of Naval Bronze and is affixed to the wall of the building and below it are seven plaques informing viewers about the history of Lauderdale Lakes.

The sundial portion is made up of a granite calendar and corresponding granite numbers. The granite is colored coded so that when a visitor stands on the current month and looks to the number tile of the same colored granite they will see that the shadow cast by the sun lands on the current hour of day.

Artist Statement

"The installation incorporates the use of a person’s own shadow to tell the correct time as the shadow cast on an hour of the day, based on the sun’s location.  The design also includes a world globe, allowing the viewer to be engaged in identifying different countries of the world.  The design element of the world, celebrates the diverse cultures found in the City of Lauderdale Lakes and the one thing all cultures have in common."


Artwork Images

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 "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" public artwork by George Gadson

 "Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" public artwork by George Gadson

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" public artwork by George Gadson

"Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow" public artwork by George Gadson