Good Morning


Good morning, pastel drawing in blues and whites.

Artist:  John Hawver

Title:  "Good Morning"

Medium:  Drawing - Pastel

Size:  50" x 38"

Year Installed:  1988

Venue:  Broward County Governmental Center



John David Hawver has been producing seductive paintings of the coasts of Florida. 'Good Morning' depicts early morning in Lower Matecumbe, Florida Keys. The artist often divides the visual scene into two parts - sky over an expanse of water, which are energized with agitated markings, as though a desperate attempt to communicate the immediate impression of the beauty of Nature to the viewer. This work is placed in an office in the Governmental Center. Viewing is by appointment only.


Artist Statement

"My work is inspired by the natural beauty of our South Florida environment, its unique color and magnificent light. The act of painting and the actual painted surface, however, are as important as the content. The brush strokes and patches of color are the image."