10,000 Meters
10,000 Meters


10,000 Meters by Sheila Hamanaka 

Artist:  Sheila Hamanaka

Title:  "10,000 Meters"

Medium:  Drawing -Colored Pencil 

Size:  28" x 89" 

Year Installed:  1980

Venue:  South Regional Courthouse



This triptych drawing executed with colored pencil and graphite, reflects the national preoccupation with marathon running. Depicting with precision and skill, the artist has captured the contrast in style and personality of the moving figures. The artwork is installed on the second floor of the Courthouse.


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 10,000 Meters by Sheila Hamanaka  10,000 Meters by Sheila Hamanaka  10,000 Meters by Sheila Hamanaka