Surreal Beach

Surreal Beach, a pastel on paper of a beach.

Artist:  John Hawver

Title:  "Surreal Beach"

 Medium:  Painting - Pastel On Paper

Size:  38" x 50"

Year Installed:  1988

Venue:  Broward County Governmental Center



In "Surreal Beach", painter John Hawver used pastels to create this dramatic view of a tranquil beach at Elboy Cay in the Bahamas. The painted surface was animated with marks of underlining energy eschewing the sweetness and sentimentality of a typical seascape.


Artist Statement

"Surreal Beach was painted at Elbow Cay, Bahamas. My work is inspired by the natural beauty of our environment which is unique with its magnificent light. The act of painting and the actual painted surface, howerver, are as important as the content. The brush strokes and patches of color are the image."