Botanical Garden Under a Blue, Blue Sky
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 Botanical Garden Under a Blue, Blue Sky, an oil painting of birds and flora.

Artist:  Lisa Houck

Title:  "Botanical Garden Under a Blue, Blue Sky"

Medium:  Painting - Oil

Size:  30" x 60"

Year Installed:  2004

Venue:  Galt Ocean Mile Reading Center Branch Library



Responding to the comments from the community, artist Lisa Houck has painted an image filled with palmettos, spoonbill, ibis, limestone and wild flowers. With lush colors and stylized composition, the artwork is installed on a wall by the entrance of the Library.


Artist Statement

My art is based on the landscape, and it is filled with color and pattern to create a vibrant and complex surface. I used this approach to make fanciful, imaginative paintings for each of the four branch libraries in Broward County. I have included imagery inspired by South Florida, including palm trees, sand, ocean currents, roseate spoonbills, orchids, butterflies, seagulls, sunsets, movements of water and wind, tropical plants, weather patterns, blue skies, loggerhead turtles, pelicans, seaweed, creatures of the coral reef, and sunshine. I have endeavored to include as many specific references to the natural world surrounding these communities as possible."